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Avery's Awesome #ThinkTradeFirst weekend

Our very first guest blog!

Many of you are familiar with Barbara & Jim Lowe, the dynamic sister & brother duo at Assisting You.  Assisting You is Central Ontario’s leading Social Media Engagement & Marketing firm, creating amazing content for dozens of clients, including Barterpay Simcoe County!

Assisting You has been a Barterpay member for more than a year and provides comprehensive social media content management on trade to several members.  They create amazing clickable, shareable content including striking images, conversation starters, and ghost blogs.

Barbara recently decided to spend some of the TRADEdollars she’s earned to treat her niece, Avery, and some friends to a very special #ThinkTradeFirst Girls Getaway Weekend.  When I heard how much fun the girls had, I asked if Avery would be interested in writing about the fun they had.  She said yes, but only after I agreed to pay her with a gift certificate to her favourite Barterpay member, Creative Café!

Over to you, Avery!

Thanks, Dale!  This is cool – I’m a blogger! 

I was so excited when Aunty Barb told me about the Girls Getaway.  All I knew was to bring a bathing suit and pajamas!  My friend, Eva, and her mom were already in the car when Aunty Barb picked me up.

To start things off we went to Malone's Pint House in Barrie. I had a “Pint House Burg ‘O Cheese” which was AMAZING!! It was juicy, cooked right, and soooo delicious. Yummy fries, too! 

After dinner we went to the hotel, Quality Inn Barrie, which had free Wi-Fi and breakfast. After we settled in, had some chips and pop, Eva and I went  swimming. It wasn’t that crowded, we played tag and we even went in theawesome hot-tub. After that we went back to our room, we watched a movie and went to bed.

When we woke up in the morning we went for breakfast which was really tasty. There was everything you could imagine - cereal, toast, waffles, pancakes, cookies, fruit, muffins, and much, much more! After breakfast we went back to our room and watched some TV before going swimming again. After we swam, we cleaned up our room and left.

Our next stop is one of my favourite places in Barrie – the Creative Café!!!!  We had LOTS of fun there. I made a piggy bank or should I say Monster Bank? My Aunt made a milk jug, and Eva made a dog dish. They turned out amazing once they were fired and glazed.

Well that was the end of my Barterpay weekend. I hope it can happen again sometime because that weekend was really fun.

Thanks, Avery!

Great job!  The only problem now is that I’m hungry for a Pint House Burger.  Thank goodness I can get one on trade!