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BarterPay Reaches the West Coast

BarterPay is excited to announce that we have opened an office in Victoria - and that we are now building a presence in all 5 provinces west of Quebec.

The franchise owner is Doug Robb, who has spent the last 2.5 years building an independent exchange as well as operating another business.   Once Doug decided that he was going to make barter his full time venture, he sought out a solution to help bring his exchange to the next level.  In looking and the support and tools that BarterPay offers, Doug knew that BarterPay could be the right fit for him to move forward with. 

Doug then met with John Porter (CEO of BarterPay) and spoke with several existing franchisees and corporate staff.  After careful consideration both sides determined that merging his independent exchange into BarterPay would provide the best opportunity for the local members to become even more engaged in barter.  

For more on Doug you can check out his story.

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