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Cashless Marketplace 2016 - Don't Miss Out

So what would I miss by not coming to the Cashless Marketplace:

1) Opportunity to spend TRADEdollars®.  There will be over 50 vendors with a combined 65 booths worth of products and services that are available on trade.  Finding outlets to utilize your TRADEdollars® gives you the opportunity to accept more customers on trade and grow your business.

2) Opportunity to network.  One of the great advantages of the BarterpPay system is being able to connect with fellow business owners.  The Cashless Marketplace gathers 100's of business owners across Ontario (and even some from other provinces) together to mingle and meet each other.

3) Opportunity to meet your broker in person.  Often it is hard to schedule a time to remove yourself from your daily responsibilities and actually meet your broker.  Attending events like the Marketplace afford you that responsibility.

4) Opportunity to win cash* and TRADEdollar® prizes.  If you pre-register it also gave you a chance to win $50 Esso Gift Cards.


*Will be paid via email money transfer the day following the show.