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How to Turn TRADEdollars Into Cash

Turning T$ back to cash - clients always wonder how to turn T$ back to cash. Here's the five main ways:

1) Advertise your business using TRADEdollars and drive more Canadian dollar business through your door.

2) Find expenditures you have to make in the business that you can use TRADEdollars for.  (e.g. renovations, printing)

but if you need actual cash from your TRADEdollars..

3) You can use the services of a Realtor or mortgage broker through BarterPay. Whatever they make in profit from the bank or from the seller of the home, they will use to buy T$ back from you at 1:1 ratio. 

4) Buy something for a friend, family member, colleague, parent, child, etc... Have them pay you back in cash. Example:  your son had a flood in his basement and wants new carpet. Barter for it instead! He (or SGI) can reimburse you in cash later.

5) Buy items for cashout. This is the least desirable option because it's hardest to do it at a high enough ratio to make it worthwhile. But, if you see an item that you think you could sell to the cash world (watch, speakers, phone, etc...), you can buy it with T$ and re-sell. Any loss in value would be tax deductible. And, as long as you are getting enough money to cover all of your hard costs, it's way better than saying NO to new business if you have the capacity to take it on.