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Inventory that just won't move? Why not Trade it?

Barter has been around forever.  From kids on the playground, to farmers, to business owners, at some point everyone has bartered or traded something.  For the most part, it's pretty straight forward. You have something someone else wants, they have something you want. Done deal. But it's not always so simple. 

You own a restaurant and you want new carpet, but the carpet store doesn't want a couple thousand dollars in gift certificates to your establishment.

What to do?

That's where we come in. 

Since 1996 BarterPay has been connecting over 3000 Canadian business owners and helping them save money by trading goods and services for the things they need. With your BarterPay Card, you can purchase a variety of goods and services, either in your own backyard or from across the country.  

Here's how it works. 

A client calls me looking to have brochures printed. At this time, our region doesn't have a printer on Trade and the clients in Hamilton, London, Kitchener, and Cambridge are swamped. I could see if someone in Ottawa or Barrie could do the job, but the point of BarterPay is to support local businesses as much as possible. Our sales staff will approach a local printer to see if they would like to gain new business that they didn't have to really work to get. We're bringing the contract to them. Once we share the ins and outs of how BarterPay works, we either bring them on board, or move on to the next printer. Once we have a printer on board, we connect the two clients and the job is done. The client gets their brochures printed and the printer now has TRADEdollars to get what they need.  

How is that different than the cash market? Our system is a full cycle. We bring you new business, we help you use the trade dollars you earned, and then we bring you more business. In the cash market there is no guarantee that the person you purchase from is going to come back and do business with you. With Barterpay, the printer in the above example may not ever purchase from the client that ordered the brochures, but we will always send business to them both. And you control how much business you take on.

BarterPay is not to interfere with cash business but to fill in the blanks. So if you are a business owner, looking at a warehouse of inventory that you need moved, a theatre with empty seats, an advertiser with blank space, a hair dresser with empty appointments, etc. etc. Why not give BarterPay a try? 

In the last 9 months, we have brokered over $10 million dollars in deals for clients across the country.  You might be surprised at what you can trade for! Don't spend your hard earned money just yet, call us and see if you can #tradeforit