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Luminari Generously Supports BarterPay It Forward

Even in challenging times like this there are people who care enough to look at what they have to offer & generously support others.

Earlier this year, Adam, from Luminari, and I had connected to discuss offering LumiQ ( memberships on the BarterPay platform. While he like the idea, their team was being pulled in many directions and didn’t feel they had bandwidth to add bartering to the mix. (We can agree to disagree on priorities ) 

 Then COVID hit and we both got focused on other things, but we stayed in touch.  As we were nearing the end of October, Adam let me know that they still weren’t ready to make the leap into fully joining the BarterPay system. So instead I asked him, “what about donating a couple of memberships to our foundation, after all the incremental cost of adding a user is low and we have lots of CPAs who own businesses that have had a tough year.”  Adam discussed it with his team, and instead of saying no, or just meeting the requested couple I asked for, he came back with – “how about 10?”.  

 We quickly sold those memberships from the BarterPay It Forward Foundation to CPAs across Canada for a total of BP8290 (in barter credits) – which will now be distributed to charities to support local causes.

 From one of the CPAs that was able to acquire a membership “I wasn’t sure how I was going to find the time and money to complete my CPD this year, LumiQ makes the time part easy & I was able to take a receivable from one of my restaurant clients, that I wasn’t going to get paid until sometime next year (if at all), in barter to pay for it.”

 Thank you again Adam for being willing to work with us on an outside the box idea & for your generosity… and for making CPA’s cool again. Let’s all continue to support each other!!