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RenoTRADE - A Barter Renovation Adventure

So I just started the renoTrade of my main bathroom today, what is a renoTrade you ask?  Well it is like a renovation but I am also bartering for the supplies and the labour.  This adds a whole other level of stress as I am personally sourcing the materials as well as having to get each company involved to “buy in” to Barterpay and how we work.



This all started a little over a year ago when I bought the franchise for Barterpay, as I started to grow the company and introduce it to business owners in the area I constantly keep in mind the requests of my members.  Since I am also a member I had my wish list as well, and at the top was renovating my 1980’s bathroom that had an unusable tub and shower, hooray!


Today was day one of the renoTrade so there is a bunch of demolition going on, but this was not day one for me.  Day one for me started about a year ago when I decided that this was on my wish list, so what would I need to get this done?



 A contractor who could do the reno

 A supplier for the vanity

 Somewhere to get the flooring

 A store that could supply the fixtures

 A store that could supply the lighting

 An electrician for the wiring


Most people when they do a reno don’t think about all these elements, you hire someone to take care of it all for you and then     have fun picking colours.  But barter works differently…my TRADEbroker and I take on the position of general contractor as well in  order to source out everything for our clients, in this case the client is also me.


So here I am with a torn apart bathroom and the contractor, Rick Harris Plumbing and Renovations.  I have the next couple of steps lined up but I am still working on the lighting and an electrician.  Since the reno has started this leaves me a little short on time to work this out but hey, barter is not a solution for everything.  I did have to pay cash for the grout and the wall tile for the shower, but hopefully by the time we are doing this for the next client I will have even more goods and services to offer on trade.  Not only am I the Franchise owner, I am also the Guinea pig!