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RenoTRADE Part 2

It is the end of week two of my renoTRADE, and as much as any renovation is a disruption of your life and routine Rick Harris Plumbing and renovations really has made this process as easy as it can be.  Every day all the supplies and tools are tidied up and out of the way so I can function in my disorganized house.  The best part is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, which is the best part of a reno.  

The beginning is exciting, the demo, the destruction and the clearing out of the old.  The second week is tougher, you don’t see much happening, not the big things any way.  It is all the finicky behind the walls and under the floors stuff that is only important if you don’t want leaks and mould in your walls.  This is the hardest part because you feel like nothing is happening, but then the end of the week comes and you have walls, you have a bath tub, you can finally see that you will have a bigger and better bathroom in the near future.

Amongst all of this chaos I have the added element that this is a renoTRADE.  I am working to get as many elements as possible on trade.  In addition to this I still have all my members requests to work on, the bonus of this is that as I fulfill the needs of my bathroom renoTRADE I am also fulfilling requests for our members and showing them what is possible with Tradebank.  Not everything can be done on trade, but if it can be I am going to try.  Next up for me is the mirrors and faucets.  Check back next week for the finished product.