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RenoTRADE Part 3

Bathroom RenoTRADE Finale.

Well my bathroom is done and I have been enjoying not fighting with my laundry room door and not having laundry spread all over my front hallway every weekend. Not only is the space so much nicer to look at, but everything is so nicely finished. I am a firm believer in “You get what you pay for” and Rick Harris is worth the money!



Speaking of money, I wanted to share how much I saved by doing the Renovation on Trade instead of paying cash for everything. I am going to use a 35% product cost as my base to set an average for Barter, for some people their costs would be less and some they are a little more, but this gives you an idea of how much barter can save. You will notice for some things the barter amount and the cash amount are the same, this was for items I could not get on Barter or if the ones I could get didn’t work for the bathroom.


So from this you can see that the difference in cash out of my pocket is a savings of over $11,000!!!  Now given this is a lot of money for a bathroom renovation but it is a large bathroom and there was quite a bit of work with moving a wall, piping, venting etc. I hope that by looking at this chart it can help you see that when you do a job on TRADE you shouldn’t be thinking of it as money out of your pocket, instead see the discount you are getting on everything you are buying.

Enjoy my final pictures!