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What Beachcomber Hot Tubs Did To Save Money

A locally owned hot tub company was moving locations. They were about to spend a fair amount of cash on renovations. Once I heard about the renovations, I sat down with the owner to explain how I could help. I asked him "why would he hire companies that may never spend at his store"? It doesn't seem fair to give a company business and not receive an equal amount in return. With trade, he could sell hot tubs and pay for his renovation, so we started brokering deals that made sense.

Beachcombers was connected with the immediately required trades ; architect, plumber, h-vac and electrical. Once progress started to take place, Beachcombers started to request more trades people, all being paid with TRADEdollars. With help from our broker team, we connected Beachcombers with drywallers, painters, security companies, flooring companies, overhead doors, office furniture and window coverings.

As The Beachcomber project started to come to a close, the last few arrangements needed to be made. Business cards needed to be changed, the webpage was upgraded and advertising in local media was done. With a brand new entrance desk from Allen's Furniture by Design, the grand opening night was here - What a great success!! With catering, tent rentals, photography, some prizes and even the beer being supplied in trade.

Most of all, the businesses involved in the project obtained new business that may have been sent out to a company that may never spend with Beachcombers. Not only did Beachcombers pay for a large portion of their project on trade, they did it with businesses that are local all while saving cash and obtained new clients.

If you own a business are are thinking about moving or renovating,‪ think trade first. Trading makes sense and will save you cash!