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We help Canadian business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals get what they need without using money AND get full value for their slow-moving inventory & idle time. 

It's a smart move, Period.  IT will make your business more efficient. 

You put everything into your business, you deserve to get everything out of it!

Over the last 22 years we have grown to be a community of almost 4000 businesses across 18 locations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  

And we're just getting started!

Team BarterPay helps our clients generate almost $2 million dollars in new revenue every month and growing!

BarterPay exists to help business owners across Canada grow their business using barter!  Privately owned SME's are the backbone of the economy employing millions of hard-working Canadians!  If we can create more profit for these business owners, we feel really good about that!