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BarterPay Edmonton Story

BarterPay Edmonton launched in the late fall of 2013, the BarterPay Corporate team was able to rapidly build the territory to 80 members.  Unfortunately the new franchisee at the time was unable to sell new accounts, so BarterPay Corporate reacquired the franchise in August 2014 and operated from their Stoney Creek office for eighteen months while they continued their search for the right owner-operator for the region.  During this time they grew the region by another 40 members.  There were several other prospective franchisees along the way, but none felt like the right fit.  Then through Tasker Goodchild (District Manager of the Sawmill Restaurant Group - a very good BarterPay member), John Porter was introduced to someone Tasker thought would be an excellent fit.  It was at that time in February 2016 that John was introduced to Matt Hewson.  Matt had an extensive background in business operations and marketing.  After a long interview process John knew he had someone that would be an excellent representative for BarterPay in the Edmonton market.

Matt officially became the franchise owner on April 1, 2016.  Matt immediately hired Dani Rowe, who had been brokering the clients since January 2016.  Dani has a background in tradeshow and event management.

According to John, "Matt exudes the key characteristics that we look for in a franchise owner, integrity, hard work and a positive attitude.  I look forward to working closely with Matt during 2016 as he learns how to teach others to utilize barter to better their business."    

Matt looks forward to showing how BarterPay can help small to mid size businesses and charities in Edmonton as much as it has in other markets across the country.