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Own Your Own BarterPay Franchise

When you are ready, please contact our franchise team at 1-866-777-0660 or  franchise@barterpay.ca to start the application process. BarterPay is continuing to grow and flourish in new markets through the sale of franchises.   We are excited about the prospect of growth and success of our franchise group.

BarterPay's training and tools provide you with everything you need to succeed in the barter industry, with such features and benefits as:

  • A turnkey business opportunity with proven success, 
  • Marketing assistance, including website, brochures, documents, email blasts, directory
  • Barter CRM
  • Access to our proprietary barter banking system
  • Comprehensive training and continued support.
  • A protected territory.

Some of great things about operating a BarterPay exchange:

  • No inventory required. 
  • Ready market of 3000+ businesses across Canada who are already actively trading members.
  • Recession-proof.  
  • Residual income.

How much experience is required to start a barter exchange?

Someone with a solid business background, especially in sales, can do exceptionally well with this business opportunity. We offer the most complete training currently available in the industry -- to lead you step-by-step into launching your own successful BarterPay exchange. We want you to succeed! The more successful people available in our network, the better off everyone is and the more trading opportunities that become available. 

Can you guarantee my success?

No. Success is mostly dependent on your inner drive, sales ability, and persistence. We'll provide you with the right tools, a protected territory and our proven success formula - the rest is up to you! 

How fast can I get to breakeven / profitablility?

In many ways this depends on the individual's capability, willingness to workhard and listen to instruction.  A very strong sales closer could be very profitable after only a few months based on the upfront income from signing on accounts.  However, we would recommend that you have 6 to 12 months of working capital available and assume that 100% of revenue generated will be reinvested into the business.   While not required, we strongly recommend hiring a TRADEbroker immediately and unless you and your spouse work extremely well together, we recommend this person be a non-family member.  While this introduces a cost to the operation and requires finding an office right away, it dramatically increases your presence and allows someone else to service the clients while you are busy adding new members.  Hiring the "right" first TRADEbroker is critical to making the time to true profitability as short as possible.

basic franchise Application process

1) Our franchise team will discuss your interest in a franchise in general terms.

2) You will be provided with our Franchise Information Kit.

3) We will mutually sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

4) A franchise disclosure document (includes our standard franchise agreement) will be released to you and additional detailed discussion with franchise team as well as some initial training information will be relayed to you.  During this phase the launch process for your market will be discussed.   A minimum 14 day cooling off period is required from the date you receive the franchise disclosure document and the date you sign off on a franchise agreement.

5) Your draft franchise agreement will be provided to you based on the discussions held.

6) Once both sides are satisfied a final franchise agreement will be signed off by both parties.