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BarterPay Northern Ontario Story

Originally launched in 1996, a few of the current members like Nite Lite Limousine, Alfred Boyd Photography, Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change & N.C.C. came on board.  Unfortunatley the franchisee ended up not working out at the time, and the region had small flourishes as other franchise locations took turns trying to make a go of it in North Bay / Sudbury.  However, without a local presence and staff it was difficult to grow and manage.

In February 2007, Dan Cusack (owner of Gonga's Grill) was visiting Niagara (and using some TRADEdollars) and decided to stop in to the BarterPay Corporate Office, which was in St. Catharines at the time.  His intention was to tell the corporate team that he was frustrated by the lack of customer service and growth in the area, and that if it didn't change he was going to close up his account.  He knew the benefit of barter, but felt without growth and full-time representation he just couldn't see continuing on as a member.  After an hour long meeting, Dan decided that not only was he not going to quit as a member, he was going to acquire the franchise.   After about a month, Dan acquired the franchise not only for Sudbury but for all of Northern Ontario.

Dan quickly opened an office and hired a full time broker to service the existing members.  During the next few years, Dan hired a series of sales people to try to grow the exchange while he continue to operate and grow the Gonga's Grill Restaurants.  While the BarterPay business was doing better than it had been prior to Dan's ownership, it still wasn't where he wanted it to be.  In October of 2011, he signed up Bridge's Bistro, then managed by Sandra Crawford.  About 6 months later, Sandra was looking for another opportunity and met with Dan to discuss taking over  brokering with aim of becoming a partner in the business.   Dan agreed and in the first year together they were able to double the amount of trading in the region.  Each year since they have grown by a minimum of 20%.

In 2013, BarterPay Canada instituted a monthly franchise reporting rank system based on a number of monthly metrics that measure the health and success of the franchise and its clients. Since then, BarterPay Northern Ontario has won 23 out of 40 months and was the annual franchise report rank winner for 2015.