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Open Territories

BarterPay has determined that certain markets will remain as open territories.  

The two main reasons a region will be held as an open territory are: 

1) The market is not large enough to standalone as its own marketplace and is not definitively tied to one larger market or another.   

2) The market is not a primary target of a BarterPay franchise at this time, and while if the right partner came along we would look at franchising it, we are not actively seeking a franchisee in that market.   Once we have sold all the available franchise units, we would move to actively seeking franchisees for these secondary markets.


Are businesses in Open Territories restricted from Joining BARTERPAY?

No, businesses in open markets and unsold franchises are free to join BarterPay and start bartering right away.  Typically these clients would either be brokered from the nearest active franchise, the franchise that is operating in the city that they do business in or the corporate office (which brokers the Golden Horseshoe).   If a franchise is subsequently sold for the market they are in, then their account would be re-assigned to the new franchise.