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In April of 2011, I got together with a friend of mine who had recently moved to Medicine Hat.  He was telling me that when he arrived in Medicine Hat he had joined a network called BarterPay.  He was telling me about his enjoyable experience and how quickly he was able to build a base of clients as a result, but I was confused and intrigued. I was in the proces of launching a blinds business, so when I went back to Regina I looked to join a similar network, but nothing existed. Thus, I contacted the head office and spoke to the CEO John Porter for weeks on end. In July of 2011, we bought the BarterPay franchise and began working for Regina business owners.   

The thing I like most about operating a BarterPay franchise is that no day is the same - one day I am selling advertising, the next day lawnmowers, the next day hats, the next day food.  I enjoy that I am building relationships with local business owners and helping them be more profitable. Every year it's rewarding to be able to review my clients' activity and know that I've saved them any where from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.  I like how our smartest clients use financing or gift cards to subsidize big purchases.  Imagine if you are about to spend $100,000 on a restaurant renovation. Instead of paying all that cash, keep $20k in the bank and pay for $20k in gift cards.  Now, those gift cards take a year to get redeemed, some disappear, all come with cash overspend, and you use your $20k to cover food costs.  It allows you to finance purchases over a much longer time and do so using new and extra business instead of your regular cash revenue stream. 

As much as I discussing barter, I also really enjoy when clients contact me about their business in general even if it is not directly related to BarterPay. They look to me as a business advisor, running marketing ideas past me, asking if I know anyone looking for work.  I love to hear about my clients' expansions and growth so that I can let them know how I can better help their business at the same time.

I have a Bachelor of Education, with a major in Business, minor in Chemistry.  I apply my fast keyboarding skills to respond to all communication right away.  I apply my knowledge of how to teach business to help educate business owners as to new ways of making or saving more money through bartering. I use my chemistry skills to help concoct deals and do experiments to test new marketing strategies.  I was the president of the Regina Business Educators' Association for 2 years, and I volunteer now in entrepreneurship classes around Regina and area to help instill entrepreneurial traits in the future business leaders in our city.  I am also part of a group that helps make Regina a more secular, liberal, and accepting place to live.  BarterPay Regina has been awarded the Top Office recognition several times in 2015 & 2016, the President's Award - 2014, Top Gun award - 2014.  I like to fly under the radar.

Hockey is my number one pastime.  I play on two adult safe men's league teams and watch my Leafs religiously.  Also, my family of course; my wife Lauren and children Leo and Hazel.  Other than that I just like to keep warm and read books and play computer games.