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Dan Cusack

Dan Cusack

Northern Ontario



I first became involved with BarterPay as a client and noticed there wasn't much representation in Sudbury.  I visited the BarterPay head office to find out more about what was being done to grow the network in Sudbury and ended up leaving the office as the new franchise owner of BarterPay Northern Ontario!  It was clear the North needed an office and I'm more excited about BarterPay now, then ever before.  Filling up empty seats in my restaurant has been a no-brainer for me.  As for any business, if you can increase your capacity or sell off some idle inventory, and trade that for an expense that you're currently paying cash for, that's what it's all about - saving money!  I enjoy seeing our members support each other, knowing that BarterPay is responsible for driving business to the members.

I graduated from Sheridan college with a degree in business and worked in the credit department for Serca Foods while simultaneously opened several Gonga's Grill restaurants. I eventually was focusing completely on running up to 6 locations of Gonga's Grill.

My family is my first priority.  I also enjoy participating in baseball, ball hockey and skiing.  In our community BarterPay Northern Ontario has held a Kids Christmas play day event for the past two years. This is a free day of games, bouncy castles, face painting and snacks for kids in the Donovan area in Sudbury.  We also support Grace Family Church throughout the year, as this non denominational church helps less fortunate families.