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Danielle Boucher

Danielle Boucher

New Brunswick


As a professional fundraiser with her own consulting business, Danielle understands how the economy of Atlantic Canada works and is familiar with the cultural and fundraising landscape of the area.  While actively pursuing business opportunities where they could work together and make a business of their own, Danielle and Jason were connected to BarterPay through a friend from Ontario, and quickly became interested in how the business could support and compliment the non-profit sector.   

Danielle is passionate about BarterPay and how it lends itself to the economic and social landscape of Atlantic Canada.  She values the idea of creating jobs in a business that also resonates with her values; “when I connected with John, there were so many synergies with what we already do!”

As a franchisee for BarterPay New Brunswick, Danielle is focusing on using her strengths in relationship facilitation to build strong bonds in the community and beyond within the BarterPay network.  She will continue to invest her time growing the business in Moncton with expansion plans to Saint John and Fredericton as she keeps her hand on high level strategy and community connection.