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Karen Brus

Karen Brus

Simcoe County



I have been involved with BarterPay for over a year now and purchased the Simcoe County franchise in March 2015.  The whole idea of being able to help businesses purchase products and services using trade instead of cash intrigued me enough to leave my job of 18 years and pursue it!  The fact that businesses can purchase what they need using trade and keep cash in their pockets is just good business sense to me. I enjoy hearing the phone ring or seeing an email come in with a client request.  I get excited that I am going to be able to help them find something they are looking for using the barter system.   I work hard for my clients and work diligently to find what they are looking for.

I have a Microcomputer Business Applications Diploma which helps with administration work. In my previous job I looked after purchasing, contract administration and inside sales.  This helps me serve clients on the sales side and brokering side of things.

Outside of BarterPay I enjoy spending time with my family, I enjoy cooking immensely and love to try making new things all the time and keep the family guessing as to what we are having for dinner! I also enjoy gardening and doing crafts. In the past I have also received awards for athletics and golfing.  I have participated in numerous fundraisers over the years involving the Heart & Stroke Foundation, The Canadian Cancer Society and the MS Society of Canada.