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Marcia Lee

Marcia Lee


Marcia’s life has been about helping people from the start, and she sees inviting people into BarterPay as another great way to do that. 

Having come from an entrepreneurial family, she’s always been active in the business world in some capacity - woven throughout a career as an ER nurse spanning 35 years. 

One of Marcia’s earliest ventures was to establish one of Alberta’s first nursing private practices in 1989 as the owner/operator of an education and consulting firm.  From there she evolved into co-building an investment management practice at ScotiaMcLeod that, over the next 15 years, grew to manage $110 million for clients - many of whom were owners of small business.  She now sits as Vice President of the Board of Directors for a condo association where she is a landlord, overseeing the association’s $1.3 million annual budget for the last 8 years.

Marcia is a great connector of people, having lived in Edmonton more than 3 decades, and continues to participate in numerous personal and professional development networks across the city.  She finds that empowering business owners to buy what they need using their products and services through BarterPay is not only brilliant, but is a great fit for her as another caring way to make a profound difference in people’s lives.  She still keeps a hand in health care – her first love – part-time as an R.N. and probably always will.