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Mark Rutgers

Mark Rutgers


905-777-0660 ext. 246

As a Senior Trade Broker, my job is to facilitate “win-win” trades between members and act as a window to the system for clients. After working for BarterPay for the last 8 years I know the system inside and out and will vett and search for vendors/suppliers that are willing to do a job the way a client needs it done. I enjoy knowing that I am enhancing the operations of small and medium sized business members and helping improve their bottom-line and cash flow. I am on a personal mission to educate business owners on how barter can be a competitive advantage to grow sales and free up cash flow during good or tough economic times. I love the variety of members I work with and I take it as a true challenge to work on last minute requests, and finish them within a tight deadline.

Before starting my career at BarterPay, I was a small business owner for 25 years with an antique retail store and a new and used piano store with 2 locations and 8 employees. I was a BarterPay member and client for many years and found it incredibly beneficial. I possess an understanding of all key functions of a business including inventory turns, operations, deal making, sales, service and overall great customer satisfaction. I now have a thorough understanding and appreciation for BarterPay's system, having once been a barter member myself, and I liked it so much I went to work to spread the wonderful benefits of barter while working at something I really believe in.

I am proud of the fact that BarterPay gives back to the community. I previously sat on the steering committee and the inaugural board of directors for the Twenty Valley Tourism Association. It is true that I am a lover of wine tours and road cycling, but don’t worry I never combine the two activities.