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Shane Harrison

Shane Harrison



I met John and started doing sales for BarterPay after I sold my construction company, which I had run for many years, and I was looking for an opportunity where I could be my own boss.  I didn’t understand what trade was in the beginning, but after working doing sales for a while and loving it, I ended up taking on the London franchise!  I love everything about trade!  Talking to business owners one-to-one allows me to see how their business works at every level, and I can help make recommendations, build relationships and create new networks.  I also really enjoy brokering some of the bigger deals.  I love the work of figuring out the puzzle, what clients we need to meet to join the network.  At the end of the day it’s like managing a large group of general contractors.

For 17 years I was the owner of a construction company.  It was very physically demanding and I spent a lot of time away from my family.  I have since sold my business, but running my own company for so many years I value work ethic and morals.  Margins, timelines and expectations are all a part of business that I understand. 

I spend as much time as possible with my kids.  I am also passionate about sports!  I have played competitive to semi-pro for most of my life, and have received many honours including MVP and the Sandy Hunter Award for Most Dedicated Player.  We also have a hockey team currently sponsored by BarterPay!  I am also a hard core fisherman.  It is something my son and I enjoy and do together a lot.