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Shawn Wise

Shawn Wise

Lead Programmer

905-777-0660 ext. 231

As BarterPay's Lead Programmer I have spent the past year (and two years prior to that as a consultant) developing key program elements such as barter banking, custom CRM and the mobileTRADE App. Ongoing projects have included developing a DealTracker system, task manager and a notification system within our custom CRM. Any time I develop something new that people use and like, I feel it is an achievement for me personally. Working for BarterPay I am constantly learning new concepts, and it is humbling to know there is more to learn as our system is constantly evolving. I enjoy working at BarterPay and the focus on the development of these tools, while continually growing and specializing my skills.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Brock University, with previous work experience for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and Seaway Marine Transport.  Prior to working at Barterpay I joined the Canadian Forces Maritime Command. Afterward, I became a senior developer specializing in PHP and database management for several clients (including BarterPay) before coming to work at the BarterPay Corporate office full time.

Outside of work, spending time with my family - including my twin boys - keeps me busy. I enjoy programming for fun and playing video games, as well as watching the Toronto Blue Jays.