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Tom Porter

Tom Porter


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I was first introduced to the concept of barter by my son John in May of 1996 and was shortly thereafter a sales rep for a growing exchange in Toronto. In the early fall of the same year I was asked if ownership of a  franchise was of interest. After considerable thought and a moderate investment, my wife Jane and I jumped in with both feet. I did sales and Jane brokered the accounts - we did it all!  I’m pleased to say the company still has clients from those early days of initial growth. In Dec 2001 after 5 years of franchise ownership, we sold our franchise back to the corporate office. John (the son who introduced me to barter) was now CEO of BarterPay Inc. Currently I am in Operations performing various administrative tasks in support of the many growing franchises. Administration suits my business strengths and skill-set to a tee.

I am a field-trained surveyor by profession, spending 25 years in the industry (1971 – 1996). For the 6 years prior to bartering, my wife and I owned and operated a construction survey business employing at one time or another all 4 of our children during the summer months. Today Jane is also employed by BarterPay Inc. As of April 2016 we have worked together for 26 years. Continuing the journey started what now seems so long ago, and watching the growth of BarterPay under John’s leadership, is a rewarding part of my life.

On a more personal level, Jane & I have been married for 42 years. We have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. I don’t remember much of life before Jane, well maybe a little. We are both busy at the church we attend, serving and volunteering where and when we can. We have recently rediscovered camping (our daughter calls it “glamping” because we bring the Keurig, the electric fry pan and the electric griddle). I play golf in the summer months as time allows. Although turning 65 this year; I would like to continue working at BarterPay as long as I am making a meaningful contribution.  25 years a surveyor and 25 years at BarterPay is my goal.