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Regina Testimonials


We joined right at the beginning when there were only 30 members. We were very cautious at first, only doing a few small jobs. Then, as we kept paying for expenses in return like advertising, vehicle decals, carpet cleaning, and gift cards for sales incentives, we increased our limits. Probably the best experience was when I had in-stock flooring that I wanted to clear out. They managed to sell 2000 sq. ft. of hardwood and 1200 sq. ft. of tile and cleared out space in my storage room within a few days. We aren't set up to hold large amounts of in-stock so this was very helpful.

We enjoy the reciprocal business and the constant opportunities that BarterPay provides us, both from our city and across Canada. If there is ever something we want to trade for, and we don't have enough T$, BarterPay always finds us a customer instantly. Now there are 170 members in Regina and we work very closely with Dan and Lauren to let them know our expenses so they can trade for them before we spend cash. I would highly recommend business to join and try out a few jobs. It helps us to be more competitive against big box stores. – Robert Grain – Parkland Carpet One

"BarterPay has been a great experience so far. In only 3 months, we've sold a few truck toppers and some accessories. In return have gotten snow removal, painting services, locksmith services, and more! I would recommend BarterPay Regina to any local business." - Len Dizy - Custom Creations

"We've been with BarterPay since day one. Of course we were skeptical, but we had heard good things about BarterPay from their other offices dealing with our franchises across Canada. We've been members now for over 3 years, and every year our trading increases." - Jim Werschler - Boston Pizza.

"Dan and Lauren have been a big help to our company. They send us new printing jobs every other week, and help more business owners know about the services that The UPS Store offers to small businesses. If you join BarterPay, you can trade for our services too!" - Ahmed Said - UPS Store 228.

"We have been members for about a year. I've gone to every BarterPay event and met some wonderful people. If you are buying or selling a home or commercial property, legal fees can be quite high. Lessen the burden by joining BarterPay and using A.R.E. Law and trading for your legal fees! We would certainly love your business and your TRADEdollars!" - Ruth Pradzynski - A.R.E. Law

 “We trade our window coverings at 100% up to $10,000 in value. Don’t spend cash with others when you can trade your products and services with us!” – James Benesh – Blinds by DB


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