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Who Can I Trade With?


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   Examples of Some of the Categories of Businesses in the Network

Advertising / Marketing

If you are looking to advertise or market your business, we have a wide variety of advertising options available to you in Regina as well as other markets if you are expanding beyond Regina.  Types of advertising available includes radio, print, billboards, web, social media and more.

Construction & Maintenance

Looking to build or renovate at your home or business, we have contractors in most fields who will look at taking on your project.  If we don't have someone immediately available, and you have quotes for the work, we will approach non-members to look at taking on your project on trade.

Consumer Products and Services

Regina has a wide variety of members (e.g. spas, restaurants, retail stores) who accept the TRADEcard directly using our mobileTRADE app.  

However, if you are looking for gifts, staff or client incentives we also have a wide array of TRADEgifts that are available for purchase.  TRADEgifts are gift certificates that you can purchase for TRADEdollars that can be redeemed at specific locations at a later date.