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My Story

Before opening BarterPay Saskatoon, I spent over 10 years in sales and consulting with local businesses in Saskatoon. As soon as I learned about BarterPay, I knew that it would be of great benefit to business owners in Saskatoon and that I would love to work in the field of barter. 

How BarterPay Works

BarterPay helps business owners get what they need without using money AND helps them get full value for their slow-moving inventory & spare capacity. This makes you, the owner, more money.

Who Can I Trade With

Not only do we have an extensive list of existing members offering products and services to the network. Our sales teams focus is to add new members to the network based on members current requests. 

Connect with Us

BarterPay Saskatoon

820 51 St E
Saskatoon, SK S7K 4K4

Franchise Owner

Kim Groff - Ext 1
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Even in challenging times like this there are people who care enough to look at what they have to offer & generously support others.

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