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We have been a BarterPay member since 1996. We have used many services and suppliers for business, personal and home improvement. Chiropractic, vision and general health concerns stand out. Improvements to our home include a roof, ceramic tiles throughout, and renovations for wheel chair accessibility as well as windows, doors and inside shutters. We had excellent yard work last summer. I bought a car for the business which served well for several years, as well as business cards, and advertising and gift certificates to give to passengers arriving home from trips.

-David E. Tanner - Dream Time Limousine (Joined 1996)

BarterPay is our "go-to" choice whenever we need anything either for our business or for ourselves. For business, we have acquired business cards, flyers, Tradeshow signs and several years ago even had our cars labelled!!! Labelling our cars is not something that would have been on our rader at the time, but it has been the best advertising decision we have made. It is not unusual for customers to say they called us because they have seen our cars around town. We even have people run over while we are at a red light to ask for a business card!!!!
The Christmas charity auction...love the auction!! We have purchased many items including a beautiful 4 poster bed and several wool rugs.

-Nikki Shames - Ecosuds Carpet and Upholstery Care (Joined 2011)

Being a BarterPay member has already yielded business that I may not have otherwise gotten as I would have not necessarily found those clients on my own.

-Eric MacKeigan - Fretwood Mack (Joined 2015)

Since joining BarterPay, I got an almost instant influx of new business, including some commercial and some residential jobs on business owners' homes. The fact that I have a broker actively mentioning my services to other members is fantastic. The opportunity to meet and network with like minded business owners is also invaluable and I fully expect my network to grow because of it and future jobs outside of BarterPay to present themselves from referrals.

-John Soucie - OdorXout Ottawa (Joined 2015)

Deciding to become a BarterPay member was a huge a step forward for our company. As we were just starting out when we joined, it gave us many advertising and opportunities which we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. We were also able to network with other companies in BarterPay which really helped get our name out to non trade clients. I believe that because of BarterPay our company is years ahead of where it would be without having decided to join.

-Matt Kusch - Pain In The Grass Landscaping (Joined 2013)

TRADEdollars have allowed me to make purchases for my business that I otherwise may not have been able to make. I consider BarterPay an invaluable asset to the modern day entrepreneur.

-Matthew Shibley - Better Business Expo (Joined 2014)

Being a member of BarterPay has benefited me in many different ways. The extra work I get from BarterPay, that I would not normally have had, is great, as well as the referrals that have come from those jobs.

-Joe Carter - Carter Hardwood Flooring (Joined 2009)

BarterPay has been good for us as far as gaining new clients, and a chance to do more business with local companies.

-Landon Derk - Derks Formals (Joined 2013)

It has brought us new clients and opened up new ways of getting things done.

-Randy Dykstra - Dykstra Landscaping (Joined 1996)

We have networked with other clients, and received new jobs. As well we benefit from choosing things that we might not spend money on otherwise.

-Jade Allen - Floor Worx (Joined 2014)
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