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Tools of the Trade

When you open a BarterPay account, there are a number of tools that we provide in order for you to use the system effectively. 

All of these tools are included in our fees, there are no extra costs.  


When you're ready, BarterPay will promote your business to a vast network of businesses who will choose to do business with you instead of your competitor.  We will also help you source products and services from the system using your newly acquired TRADEdollars.

Welcome to BarterPay!






This is our payment app available in the Apple & Google Play stores.  The app allows merchants to process trade transactions using a mobile device. You can also upload a digital version of your TradeCARD, check your TRADEdollar balance and see a history of your recent transactions. 


   BarterPay App


Available on the App Store        Android App on Google Play






Trade Broker

We take pride in being a company that still provides a real person to manage your account!  This person is your Trade Broker.

They act as a sales rep for you, continually promoting your business to other members of BarterPay in order to bring you new, incremental business.  They also take on the role of purchasing agent by working with you to source other products and services that you want in exchange.

Your Trade Broker is always up-to-date with what's going on in the network, they are a great source of information and a huge timesaver!  

Build a relationship with your broker and watch your bottomline improve.

This is an online, real-time place that BarterPay clients can go to search for other BarterPay clients. There are many other tools as well, but the primary purpose of the directory is to help with ideas for utilizing your TRADEdollars.  You can be listed under multiple categories in the directory and once again, there's no extra cost!







This is a primary means of communication between us and you once per week via email.  It will keep you in-the-loop as to all the new members who are joining the network, one-of-a-kind items that come up for sale, news on events and promotions, as well as one-time onsite sales.  It contains a lot of great information and will be an invaluable asset to a positive trading experience.  



We currently distribute TRADEgifts for over 400 of our retail-type clients.  They can be purchased using TRADEdollars and used for personal benefits, to give away to customers as incentives, to increase staff and client loyalty as well as gifts for friends and family.  If you own a retail or service business, call us to see if you would qualify for our TRADEgifts program. 




When you download the BarterPayPOS app, you can upload a digital version of your TRADEcard immediately.  Each business can have multiple digital TRADEcards issued on their account.  The purchasing on the account is broken down on the statement by individual TRADEcards. This allows you to track individual spending within your company. Merchants can accept the TRADEcard and process transactions using, by calling their broker, calling the corporate office or by downloading the BarterPayPOS app to their phone or tablet


For those that don't have a smart phone, we can issue a plastic TRADEcard.





On the first day of the month, you will receive an email from BarterPay with your account statement!  You can also access your past statements and current acitvity at  Your statement will detail your BarterPay sales, purchases, balance in your account, year to date activity, etc.  

You make all the deals and we'll keep track!