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My Story

After learning about the concept of Trade Exchanges and their prevalence across the globe, I started my own exchange in Victoria and acquired the local competition.  I then met the BarterPay team, and knew that I should become BarterPay Victoria.

How BarterPay Works


BarterPay helps business owners get what they need without using money AND helps them get full value for their slow-moving inventory & spare capacity. This makes you, the owner, more money.

Who Can I Trade With

Not only do we have an extensive list of existing members offering products and services to the network. Our sales teams focus is to add new members to the network.

Connect with Us

BarterPay Victoria

1824 Store Street
2nd Floor
Victoria BC, V8T 4R4

Franchise Owners

Doug Robb
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Janice Robb
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Partner - Barter Coach

Chris Bowes
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PST in Trade vs Cash

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