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BarterPay Victoria Story

Meet Doug Robb, Owner - BarterPay Victoria

I am an avid reader and researcher of business in general and a few years ago I became very intrigued by the concept of Trade Exchanges and how they worked. I was surprised to discover that they populated virtually every city in North America and in fact proliferate on a global scale.  Shortly thereafter I purchased a very small Trade/Barter business in Victoria with the intention of building it up and selling it, but as it turned out I literally fell in love with the business. 

I had never sold anything in my life where everyone wins.  The seller, the buyer, and the broker ALL get a really good deal, and therefore everyone ends up happy.  My enthusiasm helped me build my little company to something of substance on a very part time basis.  My two biggest problems had been time and scope, so in 2017 I decided to make the jump to running the business on a full-time basis and to entertain the idea of working within a National operation.  Enter John Porter and BarterPay Canada

Now, my ‘not so little’ company has joined the BarterPay Canada team along with 18 other franchisees across the country.  

The potential offered by being a small part of a bigger organisation is very attractive as it allows my service oriented members to access more products from across the country and I get to be part of a team rather than a lone wolf, which suits my social personality much better.  Again, everyone wins. Which fits my credo perfectly “The Bigger we are The Better it is for Everyone”

With a little luck it will continue to allow me time to play hockey in the winter, swim in the summer, and ride my mountain bike all year long … It IS Vancouver Island after all!